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    Native Collagens is a family of the latest generation products, one of the biggest cosmetic sensations. Collagen isolated from fish skins at the molecular stage of its development, in the form of helices. 

    What is collagen? Collagen is a ‘protein of youth’, which constitutes over 30% of the mass of human protein and as much as 70% of skin proteins. Together with elastin, it forms an elastic mesh in the dermis, which gives it elasticity and firmness, binds water, lipophilic substances and provides the proper condition of connective tissue, in other words, the condition of the entire organism. The production of collagen is disturbed as soon as after the 25th year of human life, when the inevitable process of gradual disappearance of collagen begins. Collagen degradation processes prevail over the synthesis processes. Irreversibly. After reaching the age of 40, degradation process begins to accelerate and the loss of collagen is from this moment about 1% per year.

    Effectiveness confirmed by research! *

    * a study conducted on 25 people for a period of 4 weeks

    Skin care was confirmed by 100% of respondents
    Regenerating effect on the skin was confirmed by 92% of respondents
    Improvement of the skin elasticity was confirmed by 96% of the subjects
    Smoothing activity was confirmed by 96% of the subjects
    The firming effect of the skin was confirmed by 96% of the subjects

    The most important active ingredients of the line:






    from rose





    Did you know that 96% of respondents said that Native Collagen makes their skin firmer?

    Native Collagen Pure (50ml) is the power of collagen in its pure form. It slows down in time the processes of new wrinkles formation. Recommended for face, neck, cleavage and whole body. It is a preparation with a very strong regenerative effect of the skin. It speeds up skin regeneration processes, which is why we recommend it for the whole family.


    Native Collagen Gold (50ml) is a unique composition having antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. Intended for people who have problematic, hypersensitive skin, prone to acne and inflammation.

    Active ingredients:
    • Nano colloidal gold (Axonnite)
    • Nano colloidal silver (Axonnite)
    • Azealic acid
    • Lactoferrin
    • Chitosan
    • Retinol


    Native Collagen DNA (50ml) combines nature and the latest biochemical engineering. DNA repair and its protection are the most important elements of healthy skin maintenance. This is a Native Collagen enriched with the active substances supporting and activating the natural processes of connective tissue formation. Intensively stimulates cells to function properly.

    We recommend this product to people who want to restore their skin young but most of all healthy look in the most intense way. During chronic stress, after illnesses, sleep deficiencies, long journeys - while the skin becomes grey, rough, flaccid.

    Active ingredients:
    • DNA + RNA nucleic acids
    • Kinetin
    • SOD
    • GHK-Cu copper peptide
    • Extract from rose placenta