Month of Growth: invite spring to business

Month of Growth: invite spring to business

In spring the world is waking up to live. And how is your business? Is it ready for a big injection of new energy? On 4th of  April we start the program ‘April as a month of growth’, thanks to which your business will bloom again. See what novelties we have prepared! You will surely find something interesting for yourself. Let the fresh air into your business.

Program timeline:

6 weeks


4th of April – 15th of May


All Colway International zones

Product offer - spring deals

April - a month of growth, is 6 weeks of unique product offers, where everyone will find their favorite cosmetics and supplements at great prices! Every two settlement periods, a new offer awaits you, including:

one supplement -30%,

one of the top cosmetics -20%

and one of our native collagens -10%.

It will be a real treat!

April is a special time because this month we are celebrating the Colway International birthday. This year it is the eighth birthday! Therefore, for two settlement periods - 16/23QW and 17/23 QW in the product offer you will find even more top products at lower prices!

14/23 – 15/23 QW

(04.04 -17.04.)

Vitamin C with collagen -30%

Intensive moisture face cream -20%

Native Collagen DNA -10%

16/23 -17/23 QW - Celebrating the 8th birthday of Colway International

(18.04.- 01.05.)

Magnesium Complex -30% (PL and IT zones only)

LunaCol -30% (all zones except PL and IT)

Express lift mask - 20%

Body sculpting and firming serum – 20%

Double C glow skin drops -20%

Summer shine - illuminating body lotion -20%

Native Collagen Pure -10%

Baby wash gel -10% 

18/23 – 19/23 QW

(02.05 – 15.05)

CollUp -30%

Good night skin drops -20%

Native Collagen Gold -10%

The product offer is available from the status of: Registered customer

A breath of spring in the Hello program

Do you remember the Colway International success formula? Use products, recommend them to your friends and invite them to cooperate.

We associate spring with a fresh breeze, with the arrival of something new. That is why this spring a fresh product offer will come to the Hello program you know and like.


Each new Colway International Partner who places an order with a minimum value of 50 VP will be able to use the Hello program, i.e. add to their first order:

CollUp for only 49 PLN/ 11.90 EUR/10.90 GBP/309 CZK


Set - Shampoo with collagen and Hair conditioner with collagen, also for only: 49 PLN/ 11.90 EUR/10.90 GBP/309 CZK

The offer applies only to Partners registered after 3.04.2023.

Invite Program

Work systematically for six weeks. All you have to do is invite two, four or six people effectively and - in addition to the benefits of increasing your turnover - you will have the opportunity to buy Colway International's top products at a sensationally low price. For every two registered accounts (up to six) with an order, the prize will appear in your cart immediately.


Invite 2 Partners with an order for min. 50 VP and get Body Scrub for 9.9PLN/2.39EUR/2.09GBP/69CZK

Invite 4 Partners with an order for min. 50 VP and get Masterpiece of eye contour for 9.9PLN/2.39EUR/2.09GBP/69CZK

Invite 6 Partners with an order for min. 50 VP and get an Exfoliating Mask for 9.9PLN/2.39EUR/2.09GBP/69CZK

The prize will be waiting to be picked up in your basket, immediately after the condition is met. It will be available until the end of the year.

Attention! Multiple invited Partners do not apply.

Spring is the best time to act, so make the most of it! Don't postpone your plans for tomorrow, wake up your business after winter today. Our refreshed programs and spring product offers are a great stimulus that will help you take new initiatives and spread your wings. Let your business bloom in the spring! And remember...

‘Success is the sum of small efforts repeated day after day’ R. Coiller

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